Current Beer List


ABV 6.1% • IBU 36+

This is an excellent beer. Bourbon porter is black as night, with a great oak nose and taste in the front, dark plum and roasted dark chocolate notes in the middle. A solid, roasty porter complemented by 2 weeks of oaking. Finishing with a wonderful blended bourbon flavor.


ABV 5.9% • IBU 32

Flanders red ale, is a style of sour ale brewed in West Flanders, Belgium. Flanders red ale is fermented with organisms other than Saccharomyces cerevisiae, especially Lactobacillus, which produces a sour character


ABV 5.4% • IBU 24

Straw color white head with a wildflower honey and wheat aroma. Wheat and light malts balance with light floral hops. Dry finish with light honey aftertaste.


ABV 5.7% • IBU 75

Classic IPA, hop forward, light malt backbone, bright white head with a crisp finish. Start with great citrus, hoppy aroma, followed by the classic dank hoppy middle and finish with classic citrus hoppy bitterness. The classic IPA hops make this refreshing and tasty


ABV 6.5% • IBU 24

The wonderful golden color and white head provide a nice picture for what is to come. Subtle hop flavors with Belgian yeast provide a nice fruity flavor and aroma. Smooth easy drinking beer, with a touch of honey to provide a nice lightly sweet dry finish.

Pumpkin Ale

ABV 8.6% • IBU 40

This is a labor of love. We use real pumpkin slowly roasted, graham crackers, brown sugar, and all the pumpkin pie spices to make an awesome tribute to Nana's pumpkin pie. Nice amber color, wonderfully satisfying!

Habanero Mango

ABV 5.3% • IBU 30

Dark amber or brown color with white head providing fruity Mango aroma. Light malt backbone with a little heat that sits nicely at the top and back of your mouth. Tasty and refreshing.